The Waitrose Three Sixty range

Three Sixty is a bold and adventurous range of premium coffees, all hand crafted and hand packed. Each coffee has it’s own set of co-ordinates which can be used to find the origin of the coffee on a map.

The Three Sixty range was due to be launched in Waitrose. My role was to design the retail packaging to fit the existing brand and concept.

A group photo of the ThreeSixty coffee range
Each coffee in the range was represented with a bright colour.
Close up of the front of the label
Close up of the back of the label

I wanted to make a focal point of the co-ordinates of the label. I hoped that they would intrigue people into understanding their purpose and meaning, which would encourage them to explore the packaging further.

A close up of the coordinates on the front of the label
The co-ordinates are 2°32'13.0"N 75°32'17.0"W
A close up photo of the kraft bag
A photo of the kraft bag
The back of the kraft bag was printed with additional information.
The complete back of the label and bag