A page from the sponsorship document

Startup Weekend is an event for aspiring entrepreneurs to come together and discuss their ideas. It provides mentorship, networking opportunties, and talks from inspirational people.

The organisers of Startup Weekend London asked me to assist in the development of their promotional materials for their upcoming Mobile Edition event.

A page detailing what Startup Weekend is all about
A page providing more information about the mobile edition

I produced a sponsorship document, designed to encourage large technology companies to sponsor the event. It was important to present key facts in an easy to digest manner, while being visually attractive and consistent to the brand. From what I hear, they easily met their sponsorship goals.

A page from the document
There was a lot of copy to fit on each page, so keeping it easy to read was crucial.

There was a run of t-shirts produced to my design in a variety of colours. These were given to attendees of the event. I also designed web and print adverts.

Close up of the tshirt
Close up of the tshirt
The website banner
A banner created to advertise the event on the broader Startup Weekend site