Orangutan coffee bag

The Orang Utan Coffee Project is an initiative to save the Sumatran orangutan from extinction. Money raised from the sales of the coffee is used to promote sustainable farming and preservation of the orangutans habitat, the rainforest.

Waitrose chose to support this project by stocking the coffee across their stores. My brief was to use the existing brand guidelines to design the retail packaging.

Front of the bag
Close up of the front of the bag

I wanted the packaging to reflect the premium nature of the product within. To capture this I used a matte bag, a script font and included a number of subtle details into the design.

Close up of the orange detail on the bag
I used the orangutan shape from the logo to create a very subtle pattern on top of the orange side panels.
Close up of the instructions on the side of the bag
All the mandatory information and directons for use were placed on the side of the bag, this was so the focus on the back would be dedicated to the project.
Close up of the rear of the bag