Front of NYCC business card

Inspired by his experiences in New York City and his love of coffee, Peter Andre had decided to open a coffee shop called New York Coffee Club. Our role was to build a brand around his concept.

Peter was looking for a logo that both captured his influence of New York City coffee shops and could be a recognisable brand amongst the high-street coffee shops. I began by exploring various logo ideas that embraced aspects of connections to New York and Americana.

The chosen logo
Initial logo concepts.

We submitted 6 brand approaches to his team and one of mine was chosen to be developed as the final brand. The chosen design was a simple logo that balanced retro and contemporary - with the lone star implying the American influence.

The chosen logo
The final logo and colour palette.

I applied the brand to a wide variety of media including environment concepts, exterior signage, cups, sugar sticks, uniforms and business cards.

Front of the coffee shop
I worked closely with the shopfitter to create the signage for the shop front.
NYCC business card and loyalty card
Loyalty card and business card designs.
A couple of branded takeout cups
The tagline on the side of the cup
Takeout cups came in 3 different sizes, each size used a different colour from the colour palette along with a different tag line on the back.
NYCC logo on cupcakes

The brand later branched into retail and I was asked to design packaging for a coffee to be stocked in Tescos nationwide. NYCC would be working in partnership with The Peter Andre Foundation and Cancer Research UK, a donation would go to these charities with every bag sold.

NYCC bags of coffee

Working with two seperate charities meant the brief was quite strict as I had two separate brand guidelines to follow. I had to ensure the charities were happy with both the design and their representation. While, of course, ensuring there was adequate space for retail requirements.

Side of the coffee bag
The side of the bag was used to go into more detail about The Peter Andre Foundation, Cancer Research UK and how much money they will receive
Detail on the top of the bag
Close up of the back of the bag
There is a statement from Peter on the back of the bag.
Cute dog with blue top
Coffee bag label
Labels were used on the front which contained the coffee information. This makes it more cost effective to introduce new products in the range.