I love getting asked to design logos for branding projects. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a fresh sheet of paper & a pen to sketch ideas for a new identity.

When designing logos I try to really understand the brand and it’s attributes so that I can capture the essence within the logo. I tend to favour simple, bold and legible logos as I find these to be more memorable, but of course it always depends on the brand.

These are a selection of logo concepts I have developed.

Kiln Logo
A work in progress logo concept for a passionate guy who wants to produce beautiful ceramics for the home, straight from the kiln.
Coopers logo concept
A very early concept for the new Coopers Coffee logo trying to bring some focus on to the fact that Coopers have been around for a long time and are still going strong.
Second Coopers logo concept
A second very early concept for the new Coopers Coffee logo. This one plays around with a more relaxed logo with an abstract mark that was based on latte art.
CSS Espresso Services
CSS Espresso Services is a new business and they wanted clear and simple for their logo/brand identity.
Logo concept for Saras Flowers
Saras Flowers are a boutique flower shop based in Yorkshire, they were looking to update their logo so it had a more vintage feel to it. I chose a softer colour palette and also incorporated a pattern using a colour that would change depending on where it would be used.
New York Coffee Club
A logo for a small coffee shop chain, you can read more about this on my NYCC page.
Logo concept for Boor & Cooper
Very early Logo concept for Boor & Cooper Investments Ltd.
Simplify Business Ltd were building a new website and decided they would like their logo updated too. I went for something a bit more stripped back and suggested a new colour palette which felt less primary than their existing colours.
Chaucer Canterbury
An initial concept for Chaucer Technical College Canterbury, they were looking to update their existing logo to something a bit more modern. Sadly this one wasn't quite right for them but I am still pretty pleased with the initial concept.