Havren stationary mockup

Havren are a women's fashion brand based in London. They specialise in occasion wear that feature bold prints and flattering silhouettes to be worn together with delicate cover-ups.

It was time to launch the new SS16 collection and they decided it was time to refresh the brand together with a new website to improve the online shopping experience making it more user friendly. My first challenge would be to re-establish Havren’s identity. With no brand guidelines, colour palettes or consistent font use, Havren seemed to have lost its identity over the years.

There were two colours that Havren consistently used, a deep navy blue and a pale pink. I used these two colours as my starting point and expanded the colour palette by adding in some complementary colours to support the main pink and blue.

The new Havren colour palette for SS16
The new Havren colour palette for SS16

My next step was to establish a font collection that best represented Havren and would be used consistently going forwards. A mixture of serif and sans serif fonts had been used in the past but I felt that the serif fonts clashed with the iconic logo. For this reason I went for a sans serif font for a more bold/modern approach.

The selected fonts for Havren
Love these fonts too? Here is where you can find Oswald and Roboto.

These elements of the refreshed brand identity were then applied to various media, such as clothing labels, tags, bags, stationary (see top image) and everything else!

Clothing tag design
A design for the tag which will go inside the new SS16 clothing collection. The logo on the front of the tag would be embossed and have a spot varnish finish. The eyelet would be mettalic and match the blue from the colour palette.
Havren advert in a magazine
A design concept for an advert to be placed in a fashion/lifestyle magazine.

The biggest challenge was the website, the current website didn't represent the brand or have any personality at all. It was another generic online shop. With a small team managing the website it was important that the new site be easy to manage/maintain as well as look fresh and exciting.

Old Havren Website Screenshot
A screenshot of what the old Havren website used to look like.

The decision was made to move the website to Shopify from Magento, Shopify is a much simpler platform and more appropriate to the needs of Havren and the team.

Because time was very short I chose an off the shelf theme that I thought would best suit the brand and users. After much planning and working out the site plan, I then set about customising the chosen theme so it became the new Havren.

The New Havren Website