Hand picked poster artwork
However you like it poster artwork

To showcase their new coffee offering Debenhams wanted a series of friendly and engaging posters. The posters were to be displayed in each of their in-store cafes.

Debenhams wanted the posters to act as both an attractive piece of work for their wall and a way to introduce customers to their renewed approach to coffee. With this in mind I explored ideas that focused on how much love, care and attention goes in to the entire coffee process.

Grown and nurtured poster artwork
Lovingly crafted poster artwork

I created simple, light hearted illustrations to visually represent the concepts in the text. A hand-written style font and a natural, but bright, palette were used to capture an organic & friendly feel. I chose earthly colours to represent ethical sourcing of the beans and hearts were used to illustrate the care taken when brewing the coffee.

Detail on the heart illustration
Detail on the leaf illustration
Detail of the copy on a poster
Detail on the coffee bean illustration
A photo of the posters in a Debenhams cafe
The posters on display in the newly refurbished cafe in Debenhams Oxford Street.