A while ago now I entered an instagram competition to win a cute little hand printed zip pouch. To my surprise I won - YAY!

This was just before Christmas and I am only just getting around to writing about it now, terrible I know - but I have found myself really busy. Anyway, I really just wanted to give her a bit of a shout out - because everyone needs one of her prints in their home - but mostly a big thank you.

The Zip Pouch

The zip pouch is amazing, Rhian creates beautiful patterns and then screen prints them herself on to fabric which she then turns into all sorts of things like cushions. The pattern on the zip pouch I won is of a tropical fish, which is great for me as I have tropical fish!

Tropical fish pattern
Get a closer look at the tropical fish pattern

She is such an inspiration, I am pretty certain she does all of this in her spare time around her full time job too! Here is a quote from her website which I believe sums up what she does...

My work is an exploration of shape and form, manipulating line to create pattern from the everyday. Working from photographs, my work is graphic in design, but softened through the use of traditional screen printing.

After reading this I have found myself paying more attention to the shapes and patterns I encounter.

Check out her website at rhianmclaren.co.uk to find out more about what she does or to buy any of her products.

Thanks for being awesome Rhian.