Long time no post eh?! I have been so, so busy recently with buying flats & moving etc and now I am back to normality. Back to the grind as the saying goes...

This is possibly the most exciting thing ever! I have another new camera and it is a Polaroid, a Polaroid z340 Instant Digital Camera to be exact. The reasons why this camera is so awesome are as follows; No ink needed it uses zero ink technology, I am not really sure how it works and I think I would like to believe that there is a little elf or something inside the camera that processes the film (haha). It is also a 14mp digital camera which means you can preview the photos before you print, there is also an option to instantly print but I prefer to see what the photo looks like before I print.

There are also lots of other features on the camera such as filters for photographs and various scene/settings too, though I haven't experimented too much with these yet.

Here are some photos of the photos I have taken so far - I know I am pretty hilarious but I am a sucker for the printed photograph!

Cute dog
Billy and Lindsey