Something I find weirdly enjoyable is creating my own cutter guides! I quite often find myself working with cutter guides when I get asked to create a design for some packaging, but I normally get supplied with them and never get to draw my own.

Recently I got to design a nice little folder that would hold a collection of Coopers printed materials for the sales team to leave behind with potential customers.

The Coopers brand is very colourful, fun and natural so I had a meeting with my usual printer guy - George - to discuss my options. I wanted to go with a nice craft card that would really make the beautifully coloured Coopers materials “pop”.

We talked dimensions, type and thickness of craft card then I went away to produce the cutter guide. I can’t explain why I love doing this, I just do!

The cutter guide for the folder

Next the design… This I wanted to keep really basic so simply had the Coopers logo on the front with all the contact details on the back. I thought it would be a nice touch to have a couple of slits on the inside that could hold a business card.

I really enjoyed this fun little project, where I could get more creative with my print work. I hope you like the result – the sales guys were pretty happy with them!

The front of the Coopers folder
Inside the Coopers folder
An example of a few things that could be inside the folder.
Contact details on the back of the folder
Literature inside the folder