For those of you that know me, I REALLY love Christmas! I was asked to come up with a design for a Christmas themed coffee to be sold on the Make Decent Coffee website – best job ever?

The brief was to design something that people would like to give as a stocking filler for coffee lovers, something simple, fun and most of all Christmassy!

After a long time thinking of potential names for the coffee that wasn’t too cheesy, it was decided that “Brew-Dolf Coffee” would be the chosen one. A pun on brew & Rudolf, get it?

The final bag design
The final product that you can buy at

As with all MDC coffees the packaging was to be a kraft bag that has stickers applied to it by hand. I thought it would be quite fun to just keep the front simple and have a simple red nose – after all that is what everyone thinks of when they think of Rudolph don’t they?

We would also need the name of the coffee on there too, so we stuck with the MDC font (a little nod to the brand) and had a stamp made. Another sticker on the back has all the information about the coffee, all of these are applied to the kraft bag before packing the freshly roasted coffee.

The label on the back of the pack
Close up of the stamped name on the front of the bag
Cute cocker spaniel

The bag looks great and the coffee tastes amazing, the perfect gift for any coffee fan… I hope Christmas never ends!